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Vital Eat | for the vitality of food and drink

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The VitalEat Device it transfers the forces, impulses and processes it carries to the subject being treated, which can be simple water, a drink, or any other food. VitalEat is designed to interact with water or with the liquid component present in every living being and substance. Since water is a memory carrier, the subject placed in contact with the Device will memorize over time the ameliorative effects that the Device is able to radiate.are.

Technical data

Dimensions of the single product:

diameter 9 cm, thickness 0.2 cm

Single product weight:

12 g


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How it was born

There are countless "discs" to improve the quality of food. The idea consisted in inserting precise forms and life processes, deriving from Eureka's studies, inside the disk in order to give a superior quality to food and drinks with extreme manageability.

Why was born

The quality of food and water is poor today, they are devitalized by long transport, pollution, cultivation techniques, genetic manipulation ... The need arises to enhance the nutritional value of food and the quality of the water so that they can support man in all its biological, soul and spiritual components.uale).

How it works

Messages related to the flow of Life have been integrated and placed in harmonious dialogue with each other thanks to a skilful study of form that has characterized Eureka's work for years and were then imprinted on the internal face of VitalEat. Thanks to the application of the golden section and special impregnations, the Device has been made able to radiate and transmit the messages inserted in it..

How to use

It's enoughplace the Device under the container with the drink or food that you want to bring to a higher level of vitality and let it act for a whileoptimal time of 5 minutes.