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Aria Viva | Improvement of indoor and outdoor air quality

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Aria Viva favors theimprovement of indoor and outdoor air qualitya it's hisremediation of residues various particulates, formaldehyde, paints, etc.,, reduces the effects of electromagnetic fields, chemtrails and increases the vitality of the environment..

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30x30x30 cm

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Aria Viva was born from an elaboration of W. Reich's studies regarding the so-called "orgone cannon": the cloudbuster. The processing consisted of removing the orgone-sexual element and replacing it with the forces of Mother Earth.

The problem

Air pollution is damaging human health and ecosystems. Large sections of the population do not live in a healthy environment, according to current regulations. To take a sustainable path, Europe will need to be ambitious and go beyond current legislation.e.

Hans Bruyninckx, executive director of the EEAA

The proposal

Aria Viva favors the improvement of the quality of the external and internal air and its recovery from various residues, particulate matter, formaldehyde, paints, etc., reduces the effects of electromagnetic fields, chemtrails and increases the vitality of the environment.ovis).

How it works

The device acts by capturing in the air through the conical part the various unwanted substances present and then favoring their re-harmonization through the central body through the quantum interaction with a particular clay contained therein. This action is completed by the connection with the forces of Mother Earth, and the Help Entities present in it, thanks to the tip or the electric cable present in the lower part depending on the desired application.derata.

Each part of the Device has been constructed respecting the proportions of Sacred Geometry and has been brought into resonance with forces, processes and hygienic-therapeutic actions of cosmic origin. The different parts have been impregnated at a specific temperature and time with several natural products of homeopathic derivation and resonating with the forces of the Sun that is the door of Life. Everything was then activated according to a precise sequence and musical frequency.ale.