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Aqua Viva | Water vitalizer for domestic use

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Aqua Viva is a device that is mounted on the water inlet pipe in the house or alternatively under the sink,, it does not require maintenance and is not subject to wear.Its function is to revitalize and harmonize the watera. The revitalized water retains its vitality even after many meters of metal or plastic piping and is suitable for both adults and children..

If there is an osmosis filter, a water softener or other, always mount Aqua Viva after said appliance.

Technical data

Dimensions of the single product:

diameter 23.50 cm, thickness 5.5 cm

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0.5 Kg


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How it was born

We know that water is the main component of our organism, we are concerned with the quality of the water we take: there are waters that when you drink them you feel dead, others that stink, others that taste like pipes. Furthermore, water has a memory, a concept once abstruse and today also cleared by Disney see Frozen 2. The water we drink that messages it has stored in its path of pipes, pumps, deposits Hence the creation of a Device that carries a message of vitality and harmony in the memory of water.l’acqua.

Why was born

Anyone who has had the opportunity to drink water from a mountain stream has perceived a different quality, a richer vitality and taste, different from the water we normally drink.o.

The water that comes out of our taps is not so tasty and energizing. The fact is not surprising if we consider the long journey through the pipes, the sanitation and drinking water procedures, the environmental and electromagnetic pollution that the water encounters on its way up to our homes.se.

How it works

The AQUA VIVA home vitalizer is based on the application of studies, developed by EUREKA, of the flow of vital forces in the Earth: a double circumference..

The application of this form in the Vitalizer gives completely new qualities to the water which, as confirmed by the works of J. Benveniste and M. Emoto, is able to memorize the messages with which it comes into contact. The first circle gives the water a purifying action and the second a real vitalization action by virtue of the specific impregnations and dynamizations to which it is subjected in its preparation process.o.

The two messages are greeted by water thanks to the particular proportion in the golden section on which AQUA VIVA is based. To complete the realization process, AQUA VIVA is also dynamized with precise rhythms and times..