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Our commitment to a high quality of lifea

In 1986, struck by the radioactive wave from Chernobyl, we created our first depolluting product with the result of a reduction of Cesium 137 by 40. Since then many steps have been taken and the impulse of a father who wanted to safeguard the health of his loved ones has universalized:o: thus was born in 1997 Eureka, with the aim of improving the Quality of Life of people, animals, plants and Mother Eartha.

Indeed, the purpose of the company, as stated lart. 4 of the Statute,, is exactly“thestudy, theoretical and applied research and the dissemination of the results obtained, for the realization ofa high quality of lifea, this in the field of the environment, food, agriculture, human and veterinary medicine, pedagogy, social and spiritual sciences, art and architectureettura”.

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Eureka is registered in the National Research Registry of the Ministry of Education, University and Research with the code 52697TPR.PR.

The main founding member,Enzo Nastati he held the position of Chairman of the company until 2017 when the position passed to his eldest daughter, Dr.Roberta Nastati.

In this transition phase, we pay particular attention to ensuring that the new generation's corporate vision is harmonious with the previous ones and with the company's mission..

Change is a constant in everyone's life and even Eureka must propose innovative elements to be put into practice with the energy and commitment that have always distinguished us.o.

The people who collaborate in Eureka study Life, Nature, trying to understand the most delicate laws in order to safeguard it, offering the possibility of intervention, protection and improvement of intrinsic qualities. At the base of our research there is the in-depth study of anthroposophy which offers us the tools to move 360 degrees in different disciplines. The agricultural method is certainly the area for which it is knowno Trinium homeodynamic, of which Enzo is the inventor. This method is patented and applied in various European and non-European countries through the company's activitiesda Widdar Srl.

In Eureka's life there have been many people who have contributed to the growth and continuity of this research activity, entrepreneurial activity and the dissemination of the products and methods it has developed.

Each person in our group is essential for the company to function and everyone does their job with passion!!

Roberta Nastati

Roberta Nastati, veterinarian is the President and the Scientific Manager of the company. Roberta has practiced freelance for 15 years, dividing herself between the work of veterinarian, research in Eureka and mother of 3 children then she chose to dedicate herself full time to Eureka, bringing her experience and studies in various applied holistic disciplines mainly to medicine. In her spare time Roberta loves to relax with gardening and to walk with her dogs. To friends and acquaintances he also offers useful advice for the health of their four-legged friends.e.


Roberta Moro

Roberta Moroshe is the Vice President of Eureka and the Head of the Laboratory where the preparations created by Eureka and the quality control of everything that leaves the company are prepared. Roberta worked as a carpenter for most of her life, then she brought her creativity to the Eureka workshops. Roberta has a keen practical sense and a big heart. These talents characterize all the jobs he does, both in the company and in his free time. His hobby is to sit at the sewing machine and create. Roberta also raised 3 wonderful children..


Silvia Giaretta

Silvia Giaretta is Director. Silvia arrived at the company very young, she brought a breath of fresh air and also technology, which for us over the years is sometimes still a bit tricky! Silvia has refined her skills mainly in the field of Quality of Living and is also the contact person for contacts abroad. In his spare time he loves playing the piano and cooking; she is a devourer of books on personal growth, health and healthy eating, but she is also passionate about the classics, sagas and ... cartoons.ati.


Enzo Nastati

Enzo Nastati is the Head of Research. During his career he was awarded in 2013 the title of Honorary Member of the Académie Privée des Sciences France which also awarded him for the quality of the work on the application of homeopathy and for the results obtained with the Yves Lasne Prize of the Fonds de Dotation MRC. He was also the winner of the Carnia Alpe Verde award in 1996, in the section for the transfer of clean technologies to developing countries with a project for the creation of a self-sufficient agricultural ecosystem in an arid environment in India.ndia.


Tiziano Maninetti

Tiziano Maninetti, nicknamed mani doro, creates the first prototypes of the devices that Research studies. These prototypes are then tested and optimized before they go into production. In his free time, Tiziano loves to get on his bicycle and ride in the middle of nature for whole days.re.


Luciano Bernardis

Luciano Bernardisis the person in charge of collecting the observations and recording the data of the behavioral experiments we conduct. Although he is no longer a young man, he shows the enthusiasm of a child in front of the wonders of Life and always brings us a smile..



Daniele Cantoni

Daniele Cantoni manages orders and customer service. Daniele loves exchanging experiences with people, in fact he is part of various study groups. His hobbies are reading and walking in the most unspoiled nature.


Franco Vangelista

Franco Vangelista deals with warehouse management and order shipments. He has a real talent in organizing and managing spaces, but he is also an expert cook and if he invites you to dinner you can be sure that you will leave the table happy..


Clara Del Negro

Clara Del Negro she takes care of the Administration Clara is an excellent organizer and in her spare time she volunteers in various associations. He is also a sports judge in ski competitions and a point of reference for neighborhood cats in need of food and care.e.


Alberto Destro

Alberto Destro he is Head of Commercial Development. Alberto has a brilliant mind, he has successfully established and collaborated in several companies, is a former bank manager and a former professional footballer. He loves relaxing in the kitchen and doing physical activity


Maurizio Carlucci

Maurizio Carlucci he is an expert in IT and marketing and supports us in commercial development and we need it, because a Research Institute is focused on research and forgets that products must also be offered adequately to people! He likes to say: Useful is right, Sustainable is commitment, Beautiful is pleasant. Passionate about education, music and free thought, he argues that there are no absolute truths but different points of view, so when in doubt, always look at the facts and not the words. Feeling Your intuition is already a realization.ione”.


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More than the search for fame and titles, our history is undoubtedly characterized by’commitment to implement concrete solutionsfor problems concerning the quality of environments, food, water, air and psycho-physical and spiritual well-being.e.

“I believe that the strength of our company lies in the fact that we are more than colleagues, we are people who share profound ideals.People put themselves on the line because they believe in the goodness of what they are doing..”

Roberta Nastati co-founder and president of Eureka

 dimensione eureka riunione operativa

In our factory in Codroipo UD we accompany our products from design to their realization and sale, with the help of the collaboration of external artisans.ni.

Eureka is a self-financing independent research center. He has participated in numerous projects both as a proposer and as a partner of the proposing team..

People and companies have invested in Eureka edyour purchase will also help finance the free search.