A new opportunity

In the face of something new, we often react by putting ourselves on the defensive, closing ourselves in a shell of maybe and but. We complain, we look for other people to share our grievances with, and this certainly cannot lead to anything constructive.

But every situation, every event contains oneopportunity

It is up to us to face the new situation with equanimity and prepare ourselves to be surprised by what is coming towards us!

Surely in the history of each of us it has happened at least once that an event that seemed like the end of the world, or that brought us great suffering, then, after some time, turned out to be one of the best opportunities we have had in life…

As they say A door closes and a door opense…

Even Eureka in its history has experienced different moments, some of expansion and others of contraction, such as diastole and systole of the heart, as the rhythm of life itself.

This year, marked by the effects of Covid, by total lockdowns before and partial afterwards, represents for Eureka a moment of contraction as regards the organization of courses, conferences, meetings, moments of always fruitful exchange between people for mutual personal growth..

The economy of Eureka has also suffered and continues to suffer as we are a Research Center that finances itself through the offer of training opportunities and the dissemination of texts and Devices for well-being and depollution.o.

We too wanted to take this difficult moment as a new opportunity!

We have invested time and resources to create an e-commerce site where one step at a time we will go to insert different Eureka devices for a high Quality of Life..

But not only that, to try to stay close to all the people who follow and support us, we have also created this space: the blog!!

On this page we will bring information, stimuli, reflections and other news that will follow and it will be a bit like being closei…

Thanks to each of you for accompanying us in this new opportunity!