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Alessia and Talking Safe

With Talking Safe I no longer feel the various discomfort in my arms and ears when I use the phone. Being a therapist, an expert in kinesiology, I also performed muscle tests on myself and on various people, to understand the effectiveness of these devices and the result was amazing. Precisely for this reason, even my most skeptical friends and patients immediately asked me to be able to have the Talking Safe.

Alessia Z.

Angel and the Well-Being Frame

First treatment - Exposure time 64 ', heart height position.

During the treatment he perceives a large opening of the heart, mouth and tongue"sparkling in movement"dictated by the change of energy. Post treatment:sleeps all night, and wakes up well rested. It feels very vital.


Franco and Aqua Viva

I passed some wine 3 times of the vitalizer and I felt that the revitalized one was more aromatic and less alcohol was perceived than the original, non-vitalized one.

Franco, Trieste

Laura and Vital Domus

Entering your studio I felt a completely different air from outside, cleaner, lighter,"high", as if there was a different energy source coming from the earth, an energy center. Your room recharges and makes you feel good !! Thanks Anna.

(Editor's note a rhombus is positioned in the study, the other in front of it in the kitchen. The two rooms are divided by a simple arch closed by a curtain).


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VitalEat for the vitality of food and drinks was born recently and is already a must that everyone wants to have on the table